Being a wholetime firefighter is an extremely rewarding career, whether this is in management or specialising in an area such as training, fire investigation, community safety and prevention, fire protection and search and rescue.

And it is more than putting out fires and cutting people out of cars. Our firefighters influence young people, help the community, act as role models, educate people on prevention, keep people safe, protect lives and save people, animals, homes and businesses.

Be A Firefighter. Be A…


We reduce the impact of fires and other emergencies through advice, guidance and education, particularly with regard to safety of people whilst they are at work and play.


We rescue people from a variety of incidents – fires, road traffic collisions, flooding and other emergencies.


We deliver interactive safety education to school children including fire safety, crime and disorder reduction, electrical safety, water safety, basic first aid and farm safety.



We aim to keep people safe by working with the community, we prioritise vulnerable members of the community to prevent fires and other emergencies happening.


We help to protect the vulnerable. We work with partners including Mental Health, Adult Social Care and many others to identify vulnerable people and keep them safe and well.


We solve life threatening problems by training and working together to protect the public.


We are trained and equipped to render immediate First Aid.


We work in teams and support each other to ensure the safety of ourselves, our colleagues and the public we help.


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