Interview Guidance

If successful at the written and physical assessments all candidates will progress to the interview stage.

We use competency based interviews (often referred to as situational or behavioural interviews).

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Apprenticeship Standards – Role Profile

Firefighters tackle a wide range of emergency situations where problem solving and initiative is vital to resolve incidents quickly and calmly. These situations vary from tackling fires, searching, rescuing and protecting people and animals, by sustaining/preserving their life to protecting life and the environment from the effects of fire, natural and human disasters and hazardous materials. (Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives).

They also respond to incidents involving planes, trains, road traffic collisions and marine emergencies. When in attendance, they must adopt a sensitive approach to dealing with members of the public and casualties who may be distressed and confused.

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Firefighter Apprenticeship Standards (Role Profile)


Apprentice Firefighter Conditions of Service


Medicals and Eye Tests

As part of the recruitment process all applicants will undertake a full medical which takes place with the Occupational Health Department. You will be expected to declare any health problems.

The purpose of the medical is to assess the general level of health, including weight, blood pressure and lung function to allow the Service doctor to make an informed medical decision as to whether a candidate is fit to undertake firefighting duties, allowing for any reasonable adjustments that may be made in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

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National Firefighter Written Assessments

If successful at the written and physical assessments all candidates will progress to the interview stage. In each of the assessments you will be presented with a number of scenarios each followed by a number of questions with multiple choice answers.

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Preparation and Practice Booklet

A booklet has been developed to help applicants prepare for the National Firefighter Ability Tests (NFA Tests) which form part of our selection process for Firefighters.

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Note regarding completion of the PAR-Q Physical Readiness Section within the application form – updated 8 August 2018

There have been a number of queries raised regarding the completion of the above section which forms part of the application form.

Please be advised that when completing this section you are required to confirm that you do not have any of the medical conditions stated and that you are not taking any of the specified medications by selecting the Yes box.

If you do have any of the medical conditions stated or are taking any of the specified medications we would advise you not to undertake the physical assessments until you have spoken to your GP to discuss this, and select the No box on the application form.

For candidates who have already submitted their application form prior to today’s date and who are successful at the shortlisting stage, you may be required to complete a further declaration prior to the physical assessments which you will be sent.


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