I am delighted that you are interested in joining Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.

The role of a firefighter has changed much over the years and whilst fighting fires and enacting rescues will always be a core part of the role, the incidence of fires has reduced by around 40 % over the last 10 years. This is good news for our communities and the economy and is partly due to modern build techniques but also in large part due to the work we do to prevent fires happening by engaging with and educating our communities. Sadly, road traffic collisions still remain a large part of the work that we do.

Our firefighters spend much of their time working with the community and with partners including other emergency services to prevent fires and emergencies. Some examples of the work we do is road safety education in partnership with the police, drowning prevention in partnership with the coastguard and keeping vulnerable residents safe and well in partnership with our adult social care colleagues at the County Council.

Whilst firefighters will always need to meet the physical requirements to undertake the role, the broader nature of the role means that we are also looking for a more diverse range of skills such as the ability to engage effectively with a wide range of people, team working and problem solving skills, presentation skills and leadership skills. Joining us as a firefighter opens up a range of career opportunities to people. I started out my career as a trainee firefighter, not thinking at the time that I would eventually become Chief Fire Officer. I made the most of opportunities presented to me and hold a position that I am proud of.

The diverse nature of the role and the work we undertake with partners and the community means that we also want the people in our service to better reflect the communities we serve. We are therefore actively encouraging applications from underrepresented groups, particularly women and people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Take a look at the personal qualities and attributes you will need to be a firefighter.

I do hope that you will apply to join us and I wish you well in your application.

David Ashworth, Chief Fire Officer


Personal Qualities and Attributes Required to be a Firefighter


Commitment to Diversity and Integrity

Understands and respects diversity and adopts a fair and ethical approach to others.

Openness to Change

Is open to change and actively seeks to support it.

Confidence and Resilience

Maintains a confident and resilient attitude in highly challenging situations.

Working with Others

Works effectively with others both within the Fire and Rescue Service and in the community.

Effective Communication

Communicates effectively both orally and in writing.

Commitment to Development

Committed and able to develop self and others.

Problem Solving

Understands, recalls, applies and adapts relevant information in an organised, safe and systematic way.

Situational Awareness

Maintains an active awareness of the environment to promote safe and effective working.

Commitment to Excellence

Adopts a conscientious and proactive approach to work to achieve and maintain excellent standard.


Sounds like you?

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